Sunday, January 3, 2010

Vichy Springs, Ukiah, CA (4.0 Stars ****)

Vichy Springs is one of those special places in the world with a world class champagne bath. There are also a number of hot tubs and springs. The champagne bath consists of a tub that you lie in and fill. The cool water fills the tub and you are then submerged. The water has high levels of bubbles or bicarbonate. The small bubbles surround the bather and stick to them. They then begin to penetrate the skin capillaries. This gives the sensation of the bath getting warmer. There are only three of these types of baths throughout the entire world. The other ones are located in France. The hot pool is next to a replica of Monet's bridge crossing Vichy Creek.

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  1. this is the place I dream of. I pray I will be able to get there someday. Thanks forr confirming what a special place it is!