Monday, March 15, 2010

Orr Hot Springs, Ukiah, CA (4.0 Stars ****)

We rate Orr Hot Springs a four star. The drive was about 3 hours from San Jose, CA to the lush woodlands near Montgomery State Preserve. The drive up the last 13 miles was steep and winding through the hills. However, as you can see from the pictures below, it is both a romantic and wonderful landscape. As like other hot springs, you often must first climb a great mountain and then descend into a beautiful valley to reach the treasured hot spring; Orr is no different. Take care to use low gear with your car or you could over heat the brakes. The road is not that bad and it is paved, so enjoy the scenery! None of the pictures I've seen on the web does Orr justice. The grounds are beautiful in the spring and well maintained. When you enter through the front gate you are greeted by a serene and pristine woodland landscape of blooming flowers and well manicured bushes. This is a rustic resort at its best. You then go into the small office and lodge to check-in. The lodge and kitchen are very warm and inviting. We found both the guests and the employees to be friendly, helpful, and accommodating. The day passes are $25.00 per person. There are a few private star gazing tubs, a pool, a sauna, a steam room, and two outdoor roofed pools. The water temperature in the hottest pool was around 104 F (closest to the shower). Orr is a little different from some of the other hot springs in that you need to make a reservation even if you are a day use or over night customer. This makes sense since there is limited capacity in the pools that they provide. The showers and locker rooms were clean and appeared to be newly renovated. They also provide massages and have luxurious and well equipped rooms. The hot spring has a long history going back to 1878. Overall, a great place to visit and spend a romantic or relaxing weekend.

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