Sunday, February 28, 2010

River Oaks Hot Spring Spa (Formerly Paso Robles Hot Spring & Spa) (3.0 Stars ***)

We rate this hot spring and spa a 3 out of 5 stars. The attendants were very friendly and the hot spring was easy to reach right off of 101. There were 11 indoor rooms with the odd numbers being used for massages and the even numbers for hot tubs. There were a total of 13 hot tubs (5 indoor and 8 outdoor tubs). The water in the tubs was around 104 F. However, tubs could be adjusted to be hotter or colder based on user preference. This was one of the best features of this hot spring and spa. The entire spa was very clean. We rented tub 10 for about one hour and this cost $10.00 per person per hour ($20.00 total). Hot tubs 6 (indoors) and 19 (outdoors) were most popular because of their views of the creek and hills. The hot spring and spa were very private and were not crowded. Another great advantage for any couple wishing to book a last minute getaway. The grounds were located next to a beautiful green golf course with rolling hills and a nice stream and pond. We recommend this hot spring for winter, spring and fall. It is probably too hot for summer. Situated in the midst of California’s Central Coast rolling hills and vineyards, Paso Robles has been renowned for thermal springs water. Mineral springs throughout the world are unique in their mineral composition and healing properties, and the waters at River Oaks Hot Springs Spa are no different. The water is rich in sulfur compounds and trace minerals which assist healing in a variety of ways. Hydrogen sulfide gas (responsible for the aroma) is a powerful antibacterial agent, stimulating to the body’s mucus membranes, soothing to the respiratory system and calming to the skin. Overall this was a great experience and we highly recommend it! Also, if you are looking for a good place to eat downtown, you should consider Yanagi for sushi. Also, the Hunter Ranch Grill for breakfast, brunch, and dinner.

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