Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sycamore Mineral Springs (4.0 Stars ****)

This place was all around a first class resort. We rate it a 4 star out off 5 stars. It was very easy to find the resort since it was right off of Highway 101. It only took about three hours to reach from the bay area . All the staff were very helpful and friendly. The gift shop and spa was surrounded by a beautiful garden and the hot tubs were set up on the hill in a user friendly and private location. The rooms were very nice and could accommodate different sizes groups. The newer rooms were across the bridge and on the other side of the highway near the hiking trails (West Meadow Suites). There were a total of twenty different hot tubs set in different locations on the hill. The Paradise, Enchantment, and Shangrila tubs were perched at the highest points on the hill. Sycamore is an ideal resort for a romantic couple getaway. The tubs are very clean and the water running through the tubs was maintained at from 100-104 F. Sycamore has recently gone green and is automated to chlorinate its waters at the absolute minimum levels. Further, the water quality is quite clean and refreshing. The resort has a nice restaurant and hiking trails are near by. This place overall is a best kept secret. We were able to walk-in on a Saturday prior to Valentine's Day and book the Retreat hot tub for about an hour. The day-use rental is only $17.00 per person/hour. This makes this resort a real value to hot spring enthusiasts. Also, if you get a chance, don't forget to take a plunge in the beautiful Oasis pool (see pictures below). It was just like being in Hawaii! Lastly, if you are looking for a great place to eat you can wander into town and eat at the Firestone Grill. We recommend the tri-tip steak or the salmon sandwich. Very inexpensive and tasty. You can then proceed up the street to the Apple Farm for some free cider, popcorn, and Apple Pie!

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